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EMC Corporation
DUTIES: Provide technical expertise by determining and developing approaches to solutions for a wide range of complex software engineering problems. Accountable for delivery of subsystem, anticipates issues and addresses proactively. Develop new software engineering methods or processes, re-evaluates existing processes. Develop device drivers in C for supporting iSCSI, FC and FCoE protocol communication between Host and Back End. Develop IPv6 support feature for iSCSI Implementation for the low end Linux based storage solution. Work on design and development of new improved state machine for new generation iSCSI Driver. May be assigned to projects that utilize agile development methodologies and scrums for project management; embedded device driver development, embedded uCLinux, embedded RTOS, CVS SourceSafe, IAR Compilers, embedded ARM, TI MSP 430 Chipsets, Microchip PIC, Spectrum and Protocol Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, JTAG, SPI Flash memories, RAM/ROM Chips, Scaled and accelerated testing.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in Comp. Sci., Engin(any), Business, Math, Physics, or related technical field. 24 months experience in job offered or computer related occupation. Education or experience must include: 1) Tcl, 2) SIMULINK, 3) PSpice, 4) CVS SourceSafe, 5) Embedded uCLinux, 6) Embedded RTOS, 7) Embedded Device Driver Development, 8) IAR Compilers, 9) Spectrum and Protocol Analyzers, and 10) Embedded ARM. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.
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