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EMC Corporation
DUTIES: Will work with prospects and customers to prove the analytical capabilities of EMC s technology in generating business insights from big data. Will seek to understand customers most urgent questions, and use statistical methods and models to provide answers, often as part of pilot projects in the initial stages of a sales cycle or implementation. Will develop new practices and methodologies for working with the EMC data warehouse technology, often working closely with leading academics and industry experts as well as with engineers to create new tools and features that support sophisticated analytics within the database. Explore new data visualization techniques to increase insight and visibility to data trends and market opportunity. Apply standard techniques and theories from statistics, machine learning, and business intelligence to deliver actionable business insights to prospects and customers based on large-scale data. Following directed and specific procedures, perform, end-to-end, key steps involved in model development. These include preliminary data exploration and data preparation steps, variable/algorithm selection, and model development/validation and scoring. Research and test algorithms' efficacy (by applying to test/sampled data and assessing accuracy/fit/predictive strength) for differing analytical use-cases.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in Comp. Sci., Engin(any), Business, Math, Physics, or related technical field. 12 months experience in job offered or computer related occupation. Education or experience must include: 1) SAS Enterprise Guide, 2) SAS Enterprise Miner, 3) Database Management, 4) R, 5) Tableau, 6) Text Mining, 7) Kohonen Maps, 8) SPSS, and 9) VBA programming. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.
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